Posted by: Will | July 11, 2009

Is The iPhone The Key To The Future Of Video Chat?

The iPhone has revolutionized the phone industry, leading the smartphone market, and showing other manufacturers

what works in the public eye. The iPhone has also lead the way in innovating and changing the things we do mobile. YouTube reported that since the iPhone put an application for the video service on one of the iPhone’s updates , mobile uploading has increased 400%. But before Apple put this application on their phone, mobile uploading to YouTube had been rare, and very troublesome to do, which lead users to think that it was not worth the struggle. Mobile uploading was much like video chatting is today. It is something that one would pick up for a week because it was fun, but then drop immediately. But with the iPhone’s new hardware, and Apple’s patents; they may be planning to reinvent the way we video chat.


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