Posted by: Will | August 28, 2009

Dual Screen Laptops, The Pros and Cons

Very recently, a rumor has been hitting the internet by storm, but soon enough it was confirmed by credible sources, dual screen laptops in the making. (Credible Sources Include, Gizmodo, Arstechnica, Technorati, Digg)

One of the first photos of the gScreen Spacebook

At first this seems like a very cool concept. Having a larger workspace on the go is a major +1, and being able to fold the screens into one and other when you don’t need them both is also an advantage. But just thinking a little how this could be possible, here is where the cons are. Having two 15.4″ Monitors, both active will add a considerable amount of weight to the computer, possible double the normal standard weight of laptop computing. Another almost obvious con is power consumption between the two monitors. While both of these are active, they will suck up a blaring amount of energy and destroy the batteries considerably fast.

But there is a way around the battery problem, but it comes with a “heavier” price, larger batteries = more weight. At this point the laptop can barely be considered portable, and a huge monstrosity to bear. At some point in time we will be able engineer better batteries, more lightweight, for these type of laptops, but for now it is just inconvenient. When this time comes, we will see a considerable increase in the abundance of this machine, and maybe accompanied by stronger hardware within.

Although all of the cons, this monster isn’t cheap…it has an estimated price tag of $3000 (¬£1,835)


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